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Foto: Jonathan Rozema first round winner KO at VHV BoksGala 2018

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Report White Colour Boxing Event Sugar City Amsterdam 2018

Jonathan Rozema winner by KO in the first round during VHV Boksgala in Sugar City.

On 24 November 2018, the fifth edition of VHV Boksgala was held again in Sugar City. A grand event where men and women from different weight classes and from various professional backgrounds compete against each other in the ring. Months in advance, the fighters train intensively with professional trainers to get fit for the race of their lives. Divided into about 12 matches of 3 rounds, they fight their first (kick) boxing match in a room with 700 guests in black tie at dinner tables. It was an evening full of excitement, conviviality and solidarity. The aim of the Boksgala was to raise as much money as possible for the Depression Association.

The Boksgala is inspired by the 'White Collar Boxing' concept from the London City where bankers, doctors and lawyers without any (kick) boxing experience compete against each other in the ring for charity. The participants of this Boksgala have a similar profile and invite their supporters to dine at the tables around the ring. The Boksgala could also be followed online.

The first time boxing for the eyes of family, friends and many prominent people (including Cor Hemmers of GLORY) from the (kick-) boxing world at a professionally organized gala appeals to the reaction capacity and self-confidence in a high stress situation. From that point of view, we approached the competition.

During the training sessions, the emphasis in the first instance was on stress management and energy management. During stress management, the focus was on footwork, grounding, earthing, attention and parasympatic breathing. In energy management, the emphasis was on mapping capacity, power and recovery of heart and lungs. With the fitness training, Jonathan started working on himself twice a week. Everything was monitored with a heart rate monitor. On the basis of these data, training methods were determined and the training optimized.

Since Jonathan had to be ready in short term, techniques, paterns and tactics were endlessly repeated in flow. These were then tested again during the sparring at Boxing Gym ABOV Amsterdam o.l.v. colleagues Max and Murat. In addition, at Sports World Amsterdam we worked with Maxim Hartman who we were preparing for Boxing Stars. Maxim unfortunately had to stop prematurely due to an injury.

The transfer of knowledge in the field of nutrition went via Monique the girlfriend of Jonathan. We used the Precision Nutrition system. That worked fine. Monique kept the balance every day during the last few months and ensured that the right food was eaten and drunk at the right time. Jonathan had to lose 5 kilos for the weigh-in on the friday before the game. A day later he was back on weight without energy and power loss.

Before the game I asked Jonathan how he wanted to be coached during the fight. He indicated that he liked to know where the pain of his opponent was and he did not need any technical instructions. "I know what I have to do myself". For me the confirmation that he was ready. If you as a coach still have to tell what the fighter should do during the match then you are too late to my humble opinion.

You can still prepare well, however, how you react in combat you will only experience the moment it takes place. At that moment you can also clearly see the effect of the training. A coaches paradise.

"OK, we're going to handout our business card GO!". Jonathan got a hit right in his eye within 10 seconds. Because of this he could not see 3D for about half a minute. This caused panic, but Jonathan quickly rebounded. He clinched a couple of times to stretch time to recover. When the visibility came back Jonathan took a few punches on the guard and felt that they did not do any damage. That was the moment the attack was started and he beat his opponent Alexander with a right hook heavy KO.

I spoke to Alexander after the game. He felt excellent. The ring doctor had checked and informed him about the consequences of a blow to the head and how to act accordingly. He got this on an A4. Well and carefully arranged, such as the entire Boks Gala.

All fighters, men and women in their twenties to half-sixty years old, fought their hearts out. Everyone had to step over his or her own moment of uncertainty and did so with fervor. Nothing but respect for these fighters for charity. This has not only resulted in an unforgettable evening but also more than € 80,000 for the Depression Association.

In 2020, this (Kick) Boks Gala will be held again. That means you still have enough time to train for an unforgettable life experience.

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