Wilma Kuipers

Chairwoman Supervisory Board Bureau Youth Care Friesland

I trained for several months by Ronald and to my experience he is a solid, controlled and targeted trainer. He pushes the limits more than you can do yourself. That increases the results.

Ronald has a lot of knowledge and that is noticeable in his good sustantiated programmes. Besides he is creative and takes care of variation. It's a pleasure to train with him.

Top qualities: Great results, Expert, High integrity

Wilma, april 6 - 2010

Ronald Blauw PT: Manon Thomas

Manon Thomas

TV Personality

Sneek, 15 december 2008

Ronald is an allround sportsman with an exceptional insight in people. As a personal coach and teacher in general, he is devoted to his clients. Dispite his personal involvement he always keeps a distance that feels very natural. He radiates trust, motivation and support. His sense of humor turns every training into a pleasant experience.

Ronald was my personal coach for seven years. During this time he capably dealt with my personality and my reoccuring physical complaints.

Together we worked on my condition and muscle reinforcement. My activities ensure a high level of mental pressure. Ronald suggested to start kick boxing with him. This way of movement seemed to me the ultimate combination of condition training and concentration. He responded on my physical and mental 'shape of the day' , as he called it. In between training we've  had many good conversations, that motivated and relaxed me.



Ben Maas

Fomer marine/ commando/ special forces (BBE)

“Ronald and I have done a training in VIP protection together in Tel Aviv at the International Security School. This is a military style based training which is given by Israeli Commando's, in which the trainees have to work together in buddy pairs, similar to my military training as marine/ commando and special forces (BBE)

During the training I got to know Ronald as the best buddy you could wish for, he does not know how to quit and his sense of humor kept us laughing trough most of the training.




Chris van Wijk

Office manager

Ronald has been a great inspiration to me for the last ten years.

He always motivates me with his engagement and humor. He encourages me to push my limits to achieve results, that are way above my expactations. By his professional approach, I also train my mental power. Trust is the keyword in our cooperation.


Timothy Snape

Head of creative at ITV London

“I have been training now with Ronald twice a week for 6 months and would genuinely recommend him to everybody. He is a true personal trainer, tailors everything to your requirements and goes out of his way to do things how you want, when you want them. I have had other personal trainers who give you exactly one hour, tell you they’ll give you a personal plan and then never do any of it. That is not Ronald. He records heart rate etc of every session and regular measurements so you can see your progress easily. 
I have been doing Muay Thai Kickboxing training with Ronald, which I’d never done before. I now feel fitter and healthier overall, but with a brilliant new hobby. 

I can’t recommend Ronald highly enough.” 11 april 2012

Top qualities: Great results, Expert, High integrity


Bram Nauta

Specialist in the field of communication, marketing and unforgettable experiences.

"Ronald inspired me to participate in sports. It was the end of 2010 and I didn't feel fit. I knew why; lack of fitness and too much weight. Ronald has guided me step by step. It was important for me to plan. I had an appointment with Ronald, so nothing else came in between. Sports is now an integral part of the week. My vitality is vastly increased. I don't have any other experiences with sports, so I can not compare on that area. With service I do have a lot of experience. My conclusion with regard to Ronald Blauw his service is, that he is an extremely punctual, dedicated and integer expert. You have to do it yourself, but Ronald gets you in topshape against an acceptable price''

20 april 2012

Main qualities: Expert, value for money, high integrity.


Nora van Warmerdam

Owner Van der Meulen Business Events

Ronald helped me in a great way to integrate sport into my lifestyle. From zero sportive to a fanatic sporter, with an excellent condition, who joins the gym three times a week. Ronald applies his vast knowledge and expertise in a pleasant and personal way. His approach empowers, motivates and encourages you to achieve your goals. This resulted for me into insights for a different lifestyle and measurable results within 6 months.

Ronald is a very professional, sympathetic, upright and pleasant personality with a good sence of humor. I heartly recommend Ronald if you want to be coached by a sympathetic professional who empowers and delivers measurable results!!

Top qualities: Great results, Expert, Value for money.


Sien Brand 08.55.07.jpg

Sien Brand

Pedagogical employee-quality employee at KCWA

Ronald learned me the basic techniques of kickboxing. He gave me insight of my own power, that I really have! I also learned the techniques of the Rock and Water program. A program which he has inspired me to continue. Thorough, energetic and professional are the words which I think Ronald fit. Thank you!

December 2012


Elaine Frances

I have always had a passion for sports and martial arts. A back injury prevented me from doing sports for several years. After exhausting every possible option to help strengthen my back through physical therapy, I had the idea to try training with a personal trainer. Within a few months of working with Ronald Blauw I reached a new milestone, there was a noticeable improvement in my back and overall strength. This improved my quality of life and I was rehabilitated back into sports!

Ronald is extremely knowledgeable in sports injuries and has a vast amount of expertise in training. He continuously assesses your progress, modifies your program accordingly and gives you constructive feedback. Ronald is very dedicated and loyal to his clients. During the trainings Ronald focuses 100% of his energy on his clients. He challenges and motivates you to your full potential, whilst safety and enjoyment are paramount.

Ronald has been my personal trainer for a year now. He has helped me to achieve my ultimate goal, to return to martial arts. Ronald is now training me in Muay Thai Kickboxing and I love learning this new martial art! The combination of weight training with kickboxing has improved my condition, self-confidence, energy and health. I have developed a physical strength that I never imagined was ever possible!

Ronald is a very professional, empathetic, trustworthy and creative trainer. He is a pleasure to train with and always has a good sense of humour. I would highly recommend Ronald as a personal trainer. It is the result of Ronald’s expertise and trainings that I have remained injury free and I am stronger than ever! He has helped me to return to what I love, sports and martial arts!

May 2013